Stay tuned for the Producers'-Pick Best Of CD!

Twig Tape 2013 is ready!Posted by Bill Jia on 21/08/2013

You can access it here. The Twig Tape cover art is actually coming to the uTunes archives Soon™.

Twig Tape 2012 is ready!Posted by May Wang on 14/01/2013

You can access it here. Stay tuned for the Twig Tape cover art that will now accompany the archives, as well as the new application for Jr. Webmaster.

Archives now completePosted by Melody Guan on 10/01/2011

All music from past twig tapes will now be available on uTunes. Access them by visiting the archives page. Enjoy the musical talent of UTS students and staff!

Junior Webmaster ApplicationPosted by Melody Guan on 09/22/2011

The application for the role of Junior Webmaster has been posted. Please email applications by November 1 to melody.guan AT utschools DOT ca.

Flash streaming updatePosted by Jack Zhou on 05/28/2010

Flash streaming conversion is now complete! All pages will now stream music through an easy-to-use Flash streaming file. If you have any questions (or if anything is broken) please contact us via the contact page. Thanks!

Flash streamingPosted by Jack Zhou on 05/24/2010

We have decided to switch over to a Flash streaming format in order to simplify the process of playing back the tracks. Currently only Volume I has the new Flash streaming features. If you do not have Flash, visit this page to download Flash Player. Please give any feedback/suggestions by visiting the contact page.

Major archives updatePosted by Jack Zhou on 04/03/2010

We have finally uploaded all of the pages that were previously on last year. If you find any mistakes (spelling, grammatical, stylistic), feel free to contact us. Otherwise, please enjoy the music created by the students and alumni of UTS!

Minor design changesPosted by Jack Zhou on 03/30/2010

There have been minor design changes done to the website (most changes were done in the actual style sheet). You can comment on this by contacting us.

File recreation WIP, new Junior WebmasterPosted by Jack Zhou on 03/29/2010

Throughout the last month or so, we've been working on restoring various pages on the site. However, due to the fact that March was almost entirely taken up with events (and vacations), progress has been slow, as communication has been difficult. The previous Archives pages that were up are being edited for the new uTunes, and the new files will be up in several days.

Also, some time ago we selected a new Junior Webmaster, Melody Guan, who will be sharing the burden of maintaining the site along with the other members of the uTunes team. Please congratulate her on her ascension, and wish her good luck with all the work that she will be assigned.

uTunes 2.0Posted by Jack Zhou on 02/26/2010

The uTunes team is currently in the process of redesigning the site from scratch; files have been retained. Links will be fixed in the next couple of days. We apologize for any inconveniences encountered during this period. If you have any concerns, please contact us by visiting the Contact Us link in the menu. Previous e-mails sent to the old Webmaster e-mail address must be resent, as those probably did not go through properly.